James Aldridge is a visual artist based in Wiltshire, UK. James  explores his and others' bodily and perceptual relationship to their natural and cultural heritage.

James works with people and places, researching the role that visual arts practice can play in supporting the development of  integrated personal and environmental awareness.

He is interested in the relationship between art and embodied learning, with a working process that combines direct sensory interaction with an environment (walking, collecting, recording), research into the ecology or history of the area, and reflection on or interpretation of that research through making.

James's practice often takes place in non-art settings and in partnership with a variety of organisations; through residencies and commissions, or by using artful approaches to enable others to make sense of their own social, cultural and ecological environment, with benefits for learning and wellbeing.


You can download a copy of James's cv here and keep up with James's day to day practice on his Blog, via Twitter or Facebook.