Whilst exploring and making-while-walking is an important way for James to become mindful of and respond to the 'here and now', returning to the studio allows him to process and reflect on such experiences, and communicate a sense of what has been learned.

In this studio-based work, James focuses on the cultural and ecological relationship between people and places; researching the impact of culturally influenced perception on ecological systems.

James works with 'natural' and recycled materials, gathering directly from everyday life, resulting in small hand-held objects, wearable artwork, freestanding sculpture and large site-specific installations.

In making each work, James explores his bodily relationship with the materials, their cultural and ecological context, and the value of an embodied, systems-based relationship with the world.

Much of James's two-dimensional work takes the form of collage or stitched pieces, combining a variety of materials and imagery to make and reveal connections


In addition James often uses photography to document his own and others' interaction with artworks, returning them to places that he has visited, and allowing the object, body and place to speak with each other.