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Catching Up and Making Connections – Community, Creativity and Place

by James on March 8th, 2012

Its been a while since I’ve been able to blog in any depth and lots has been happening, so here’s a brief catch up, with more in depth posts to come along later.

My work with the children of St Saviours Infant School in Bath, continues to excite, challenge and test me as I try to grasp what they are telling me they need from the experience, and provide a safe space for them all to explore that.

Recent work with families at Bemerton Heath in Salisbury gave me a chance to support them to make wearable work together at the Community Centre, responding to Salisbury Museum‘s new exhibition on Stone Age life.

I’ve also just got back from a session with a lovely group of artists, teachers, childminders and museum education officers in Cheam, south London, working for the Borough of Sutton and EarlyArts, exploring the role of photography and other methods of documenting as tools for creatively responding to place.

So what connects all these? Well apart from me, its that they are all about offering up opportunities for creative dialogue between people and places. It’s all about exploring who we are individually and as communities, how we relate to our past and how we can build a better future.

Which brings me on to an event to which I’m contributing next week at the ICIS centre in Denmark, on the pedagogy of education for sustainability. What are the different ways in which we can teach, and people can learn about, sustainability? How can we offer experiences for people to learn about their relationship with the world that are irresistable, that are relevant to who they are and how they live their lives on a daily basis, and which might cause them to question their perception of, and behaviour towards, the world around them?

There’s also the Body Project (taster below), and Creating Culture, a great project I’ve been running with the Hampshire Museums and Arts Services, but I think they deserve a bit more space and time, so more to come on those in their own posts…

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