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‘Characters and Frontiers: The Brazilian Scenographic Territory’

by James on June 7th, 2012

I visited this exhibition today at the Young Gallery in Salisbury Library and loved it. Its an installation of objects, photographic images, film, sound, and bright red/pink painted walls, and has been put on as part of the Salisbury Arts Festival.

‘Brazil is a wide territory, ruled by the mixtures and overlapping of cultures, ethnic groups, identities, beliefs, biomes, as well as cultural and social manifestations…’ (Aby Cohen, Curator)

The exhibition speaks to me because of its multiplicity of media, its different ways of knowing and being with the world, different art forms, different pieces of the puzzle.

The materials are often everyday, but are put together in ways that value them, and make them magical.

Performance meets costume, meets sculpture. Its like a whole world coming together, a rich, celebration of diversity, colour, materials and the human body.

Here’s a little film from one of the artists featured, Helio Leites.

And lastly, a sweet covered cape…

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