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Bringing the Outside In and the Inside Out

by James on August 22nd, 2013

Tree, teeth & wireRecently I’ve been using writing to explore the point at which I feel become at one with where I am, and how such a state can be fragile, almost vanishing when it is noticed or described. I’ve been experimenting with writing that describes how my senses, feelings and thoughts meet and speak with the birds around me, mud under my feet or the wind on my skin, without the act of writing squashing the life out of the moment.

blur roots mouth

It’s something that is central to my work, an embodied realisation of belonging, of being oneself and being a continuous part of the whole.

eye closed

Today I played with my camera, using multiple exposures, combining images of my body with photographs taken in Savernake Forest. I was thinking about my body as land, with body hair or bacteria as the growth of wildness, as weeds are the wildness that creeps back into our gardens. I want to revisit the (my) body in my work more explicitly, as I have in the past through wearable work or constructed body spaces.

tongue & trees


  1. James, the images are stunning and very much convey what you are expressing in your writing above as your intent. This is lovely and exciting work…

  2. Hey James,

    Love these images, was just reading, writing, thinking of the forest as body last night, after looking again at Joanna Macy’s ‘ greening of the self’ 2012… Sometimes I find myself saying that I’ve made a commitment to looking after our wood but its looking after myself too

    • Thanks Cathy, yes its that reciprocity, the intertwined nature of being that I’m excited by.

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