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From the Garden to the Kitchen

by James on September 4th, 2013

beforeContinuing an exploration of where wildness is within the domestic environment, and what I can learn from using art to explore my home, I took one step inwards, from my work in the garden (see Why Not My Garden?) to our kitchen.

When I walk and make, I gather materials to make marks with, and respond to my experiences of the woods, trees and fields with text that describes what I notice. In my kitchen it was very similar. I placed the paper in the centre of the room, stepped onto it and created a piece of work from what I could reach out and take from the cupboards and fridge.

Spices, beetroot, blackberries, soy sauce, linseed and rice joined together in a sensory, bodily exploration of the space, textures, smells and colours held within our kitchen.

feet early


angle & spoon

toes & tea

heels & text




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