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Toys: Stealthy Invaders

by James on January 29th, 2015

sm in drinkSince our son arrived in September our house has been taken over by toys. Plastic pigs, horses, motorbikes and dinosaurs creep into the most unexpected places, and come up against our own objects, creating funny and sometimes quite bizarre combinations, or those which just please me aesthetically.

When you’re in the situation of giving yourself full time to a small person there’s not a huge amount of time to make artwork, at least until he’s settled into pre-school (almost there), but I have taken to using my camera phone to record some of these meetings of toy beings with other artefacts and situations.

This is the first of an occasional series of posts on art and parenting. I’ll be returning with posts on art made with, by and about our son, but first here’s a few photos of those toys to kick us off.

pig and skull

in sink




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  1. Hello, James! I appreciate the images you have shared of your son’s toys. I am led to consider how the toys serve as surrogates for him for exploring the landscape of a new home and family and what stories he tells himself or you about what is going on. It looks like wonderful fun and I delight in your eye that notices these juxtapositions and values them. xo

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