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Travels with a 4 Year Old

by James on September 15th, 2015

on roofOur son is at school right now, I pick him up again after lunch today, then next week he goes full-time. Its been a bit traumatic for all concerned but he’s starting to settle in, and that means I have more time for myself, and will go back to work in October.

My phone has been crucial for me over this last year of being a full time Dad, as a way of recording things that I notice when I am out and about with my son. I may not have much time to make work when I’m with him, but I can focus in on a detail, record it and return to it later.

My phone was getting very upset last week as I had about 4000 photos on it, so I have downloaded all of them to my computer and started afresh. These are a few of the photos I took over the Summer holidays to draw inspiration, and to help me remember precious moments spent with my boy.

I on floor


stained window


red page

greek door

bundle hand

villa page

J puddle



greek van

wall painting

pond surface




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