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Weaving in the New

by James on October 5th, 2015

LeavesI’ve written on here before how Autumn, often seen as a time of decay,  or of retreat, can at the same time present a new beginning, as terms start and new projects begin. Today is my first day back at work and I’m feeling thankful to be spending it working at home, catching up on all things website and blog related.

A week ago I took a walk while my son was at school, and took with me imagery from similar walks with him, printed onto old letters and bills. As he starts school and I return to work, we pull away from each other and then return, weaving home life with school or work based challenges, and drawing from new sources of sustenance and inspiration.

This work starts to explore that interweaving, against the backdrop of our home patch.

Making while walking

Left half

Right half

Wet Dog

Panoramic image of full piece


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