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Working with Toys: Doll Bundle

by James on November 20th, 2015

Garden Doll Bundle - SideMy work has always revolved around the bodily experience of place, including place-based learning and creative play. I’m interested in connection beyond the binary, in blurring boundaries. Since our son came to live with us, toys have featured in my adult life like never before, and have started creeping into my work too.

In my walking bundles I aim to include only those materials that I notice as I walk, but in this new piece and others to come I wanted to combine toys and found materials, the man-made and the organic, plastic and earth.

Garden Doll Bundle

Back of Doll Bundle

If I took my son’s toys I’d be in big trouble, so I have started collecting second hand ones from local charity shops, to take with me on my travels and adapt.

For this first experiment I spent time in my garden, and used a lightly sanded Barbie doll. I chose the doll as it again makes that body-environment link, and connects back the my Body Project/Blank Twins work with artists Chris Seeley and Kathy Mead-Skerrit.

Doll Bundle Detail

  1. Hello, James. I very much appreciate our discussion about this project and that we can pick it up as a practice together…body of self/body of world, the correspondence of them, is a compelling thread of inquiry for me. Going to find me some Barbie castaways! Then, there is the matter of bundling and what we are up to with that. There is something so satisfying about tying up all the bits in the thready parcel. Thinks on the inside disappeared and eventually forgotten but holding as the center nonetheless…xo

    • Thank you Kathy, I’m really looking forward to collaborating with and responding to each other with this new work!

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