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Salisbury Plain Doll Bundle

by James on December 7th, 2015

Holding the bundleI walked with Moshi (my dog) up on Salisbury Plain today, and took a doll with me.

I wanted to see what an apparently quite bleak and open place in late Autumn could provide for a new bundle. Its easy to wander through a wood or garden and gather a range of ‘stuff’.

She is tied and wrapped with brown steps and coarse grasses, wet chalk and clay rubbed into her plastic skin and twine bindings, taken from the puddles in the tank and Landrover ruts.

On a barbed wire fence

I’m going to look on eBay in a minute for some second hand male dolls. I haven’t found any in charity shops. I want to see how differently it feels to use a body that’s more like my own, and to balance things out a bit in terms of gender. The reason I’ve been using female ones is that they are a lot easier to come by second-hand.

In the silty puddle

In my hand

Moshi and her shadow

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