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Left Outside

by James on May 25th, 2016

Left Outside 1I wrote a blog post once, about how I planned to start leaving my artwork in different places. I had conversations with artist friends about how it made complete sense for my work, about exhibiting to sell didn’t really interest me, making was more about learning and research, and yet the accumulation of made things ends up making me feel blocked and sluggish.

I never did it. Its always the danger of writing posts like that, which excitedly declare your new way of working, and then you move on to something else.

But I’ve decided to give it a go. My inspiration comes from ‘out there’ and it makes sense that the work should return. Of course it does in the form of my sharing it with countless groups over the years in workshops and presentations, but I feel the need for the actual physical objects to return to the physical world, rather than solely exist in images and in piles and boxes in my studio.

So here’s the first one, hopefully one of many, left outside to be seen or ignored, to fade and rot or be cleared away by the people that decide what should and shouldn’t go on a town noticeboard, hoarding or phone box.

More thoughts and images to follow… and new work made as the cycle is kickstarted again.

Left Outside 1b


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