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Green Town Group: Shelters, Tracks and Pigments

by James on July 4th, 2016

head bundleI’ve recently come to the end of my work with the four schools involved in my residency with the MK Gallery. As described here in my first post, two schools were based in the centre of Milton Keynes at Campbell Park and two at Howe Park Wood, a fragment of ancient woodland surrounded by roads and housing.

As a pilot project we have been exploring how an artist can facilitate the process of a whole class creatively engaging with a specific outdoor site, and from the school’s point of view, what role outdoor learning through contemporary art can play within the curriculum. I’ll be curating an exhibition for the gallery for February 2017, and we will be sharing more of our work and learning then.

Pigment flowers

small scale environment

Since my last post back in April our work has developed into five new areas, in response to the children’s own interests and what the two environments have offered us in terms of weather and materials: casting animal tracks, mark-making with natural pigments, taking clay for a walk to explore found objects and develop small-world environments, making walking bundles, and creating large-scale sculptures in the form of shelters.

sign written with mud

walking bundle in hand

At each stage I am seeking to find a balance between catering for a group of 20 to 30 children, in terms of preparing materials and equipment in large enough quantities, whilst offering opportunities for individuals to make activities their own, and have their thoughts and ideas heard by myself and their peers. Planning has then taken my observations and the children’s ideas into account.

painting with beetroot and clay

adding daisies to a shelter

Also throughout the project we have been documenting our ideas and artwork through the use of Arts Award log books. Providing an opportunity for each child to complete their Arts Award at the ‘Discover and Explore’ level was one of the requirements of my residency, and its been an interesting experience for me to experiment with how that can be interwoven into each session.

shelters in the woods

cast of track

Although the school sessions are now complete, I will be going into each school during the next couple of weeks with Alice and Bethany from MK Gallery to support each class to share their work through an assembly, and of course they will have an opportunity to bring family and friends to the exhibition early next year.

large walking bundle

mark-making together

I also still have three more Collaborate sessions that I’ll be running at the gallery in school holidays. The first session on 29th July offers local families a chance to try their hands at mark-making with natural pigments, whilst the second on 26th August will see us making artwork to dress and celebrate local trees. You can keep up with listings, including details of the October Half Term Collaborate session, via the MK Gallery Children and Families page.

text on clay

mixing plaster

Here’s some images from the May Half Term Collaborate session, where myself and project assistant/artist Alice Rhodes made walking diaries with participants and took them on a walk from the gallery to Campbell Park, using drawing, painting, writing, rubbings and collecting to document our journeys.

Walking Diary


manhole cover rubbings

poppy pages

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