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Finding the Way Again

by James on September 8th, 2016

Catching the Gold

When I’ve had time away from my work, especially time with my very busy 5 year old, or a long period spent focusing on the needs of others within a particular project, it takes time to regroup and remember who I am artistically, to really feel whole again.

Now that our boy is back at school I’ve cleaned and tidied my home office and begun a major clearout in my studio, and whilst doing so have been drawing together an object, book or image from here and there, an external signpost as to what I need right now. Its like making a collage, noticing which images and materials call to you and bringing them together so that by noticing what you notice, you can build a picture of who you are right now, or what path it is you are following.

I am always taking photos on my phone. I don’t often do much with them though. Today I want to draw together these images of places I’ve visited and details that I’ve noticed over the Summer months, so that I can get back on my artistic track, reflect on what I’ve seen and feel ready for the world of work again.

So here is a path of photographs, pieced together from over the last few weeks, started off by this quote from Tristimania by Jay Griffiths:


On artists and shamanism

Avebury Tree Roots

Wall Art, Falmouth

Watre Drain Cover

Brick wall and wooden box

Clay Arms

Imran Qureshi Feet

Bubbles and Fingers

Finger drawing after Imran Qureshi

Painted stepping stone

Camera Obscura Image

Turrel Skyspace Image

Sugar Bowl

Pebbles and Rust

Rock Pool Painting

Our Feet

Skate Park Detail

Overlapping Coastguard Signs

Leaves On My Hand

Bright Pink Flower Head

On a Hay Bale

Scraped Edge

Sea Horizon

Deep Blue Sky

Blue Silly String on Fence

Beach Collection

Flip Flops

Hugging Sculpture

(Includes artwork by Imran Qureshi at Newlyn Art Gallery, Bill Winter, James Turrell and Tony Latimer at Tremenheere Sculpture Garden, a photo of driftwood shelters sent by my brother Paul from the US and beach collections made with my partner Artist Jonathan Mansfield)

  1. Thank you for sharing the daily, simple, creative and different views of life and parenting xx

    • Always good to get feedback and know that people are out there reading and gaining in some way… thank you Anna x

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