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From Rock Pool to Kitchen

by James on September 15th, 2016

Working in the kitchenFollowing on from yesterday’s work linking the rocky Penzance foreshore with my garden, today I returned to another Cornwall painting, this time revisiting it in and with the resources from, my kitchen.

I go out to explore, walk, notice, see artwork, run projects, and I return home to rest, reflect, cook, clean and be with my family. So why should the making stop at the door, why do we often divide our work and home selves?

Work in the sink

This piece draws on my Kitchen Sketchbook series, exploring how to make art an everyday practice, and my regular walk-based work, but this time it brings the two together, as they join and mingle in my body-mind, and they bring out onto the page my pressing thoughts and questions too, my self at that moment drawn, scratched, dripped and written out onto the paper.

Rock Pool to Kitchen wider view

Rock Pool to Kitchen detail



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