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A Chaffinch From My Run

by James on September 26th, 2016

Painting a dead chaffinch

I went for a quick run this morning, before dealing with emails and residency applications. At a kissing gate from the field into the path by the school, I saw the most perfect little feathered body, a cock Chaffinch.

I thought he’d been killed by a cat, but there are no obvious injuries except for a tick by his beak, so the cause of his death is a bit of a mystery.

chaffinch and painting (detail)

I carefully and loosely cradled him in the fingers of my right hand and carried him home as I ran. I wanted to do something to honour his beauty, to really see him. So I drew him.

beginning the chaffinch drawing


  1. A beautiful tribute.

  2. Sorry, commenting again as I typed in the wrong web address on my last comment. Silly me.

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