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Walking Bundles: Doll Bodies at the Embodied Cartographies Exhibition

by James on May 16th, 2017

Salisbury Plain Doll Bundle
I am showing 4 of my Walking Bundles which have been built around the bodies of dolls, at the Embodied Cartographies exhibition, at the Walcot Chapel in Bath later this month, as part of Fringe Art Bath. Alongside the Bundles themselves will a photographic print of each of them, on-site and in-progress.

‘Embodied Cartographies’ is about walking – as praxis, mark-making, performance, choreography and the philosophy of perambulating. It comprises an exhibition, walks, workshops, performances, presentations, talks, a book launch and a symposium (held in collaboration with Bath Spa University). The works included engage with, document, inscribe, mark, perceive and understand the walking act with an in-depth engagement into how walking can inform a sense of cartography as ‘embodied.’

Fay Stevens, Curator

The exhibition will run from 26th May to 11th June and a range of events will be running alongside, including:

  • Opening Night:- Friday 26th May
  • Opening Performance – Kenji Lim, Saturday 27th May 12pm onwards
  • Performance – Robert Luzar (Kingsmead Square and Walcot Chapel) Sunday 28th May
  • Symposium and Performances in collaboration with Bath Spa University, Wednesday 31st May
  • Book Launch and Readings of ‘Walking, Stumbling, Landing, Falling’ by Alyson Hallett and Phil Smith Friday 2nd June 7-9pm, Sponsored by Triarchy Press
  • Performative Walks with Richard White
  • Workshops by Linn O-Carroll, Florence Devereux and Rhys Trimble
  • Film Screening, in collaboration with Pop Up Docs
  • Performances by: Greig Burgoyne, Chelsea Coon, Kenji Lim, Peta Lloyd, Robert Luzar, Camilla Nelson, Tom Morris, Rhys Trimble,
  • Closing Performance – Kenji Lim, Saturday 10th June


Artists exhibiting, performing or facilitating events include:

James Aldridge, Bill Aitchison, Helen Billinghurst, Kate Brundrett, Greig Burgoyne, Chelsea Coon, Florence Devereux, Aldobranti Fosco-Fornio, Lydia Halcrow, Alyson Hallett, Kenji Lim, Peta Lloyd, Robert Luzar, Julia Mallaby, Nicolette Mcguire, Nancy E. Miller, Camilla Nelson, Linn O’Carroll, Elizabeth Philps, Kel Portman, Bill Psarras, Mirjana Pjevac, Tom Morris, Sara Rees, Petra Regent, Beth Emily Richards, Eleanor Robinson-Carter, Phil Smith, Mita Solanky, Fay Stevens, Rhys Trimble, Valentine Verhaeghe, Lucy Ward, Laura Wild, Richard White


For further information, please see the Embodied Cartographies Facebook page and blog.

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