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Printing, Writing, Stitching, Rubbing

by James on October 26th, 2011

I had an unexpectedly free afternoon today, so as I wanted to play with my new printer, and have been desperate to start making some new work, I killed two birds with one stone.

These are ink-jet prints of some photographs that I took not long ago in Savernake Forest near Marlborough. I printed them off  and then took them back to the Forest to try and record some of the sounds, smells, colours that I experienced there today.

I like the idea of taking a more removed way of viewing a place such as a photograph, and layering it with thoughts, feelings and the actual ‘stuff’ of that place. It’s like combining or merging different ways of knowing and being with the world.

Being in the Forest waiting to be ‘given’ a sound or smell to record is a completely different experience to walking through and taking a photograph, just as kneeling in the leaves to stitch one of them on is too. It’s slower, it makes me quieter, and I see and hear things that I might not have otherwise, like the wave of droplets smacking against the leaves and floor as wind pushes the air though the trees, or the sparrowhawk that swerved around a tree trunk and passed with a few feet of my body.

I’m sorry that the images aren’t great (my phone didn’t like the low light), but it’s the overall feeling of them that’s key to me, the way that the different kinds of information mix and blend.

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